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an orginal TV Pilot

As a child, life is strawberry; it’s fun, careless, and full of sugar. Your twenties are your pistachio years, the same as strawberry, but now you pay rent. There’s also binge drinking before noon; it’s called brunch. 20-Something is the story of four charming yet deeply flawed friends trying to find their place in a teeming, cold and impersonal New York City. F*** Boston.


There’s Tito, the budding Seinfeld fan-fiction writer, ESL teacher, and reigning champion of foot-in-mouth. Backing him up is Ben, a well-spoken moocher who believes with great potential comes too much responsibility. He lives for last night. Jenny, the personal trainer with ambitions of her own gym, has it almost together. She drives this bus, but in reverse. Look ma, no hands! And then you have Aldo the recovering ex-child actor, out to prove that his daytime Emmy at the age of 12 was not his peak; he’s still on top looking down, never on the outside looking in.


They rode into New York on their high horses, too bad those horses have no legs. Let the quarter-life crisis begin.


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